Great Food

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Tonight

Grad Nights Provides Lots of Great Food

One thing we have learned from the thirty plus years of coordinating thousands of successful graduation parties – Kids Love to Eat! Most importantly, we know what they enjoy most and make sure there is plenty of it! Our Grad Nights buffets are filled with the food that teenagers love and of course, we offer you lots of menu choices too! Plus, count on us to always provide for your vegetarian and gluten intolerant guests as well.

Some of Our Most Popular Menu Options Include:

    • Pizza Buffet, with salad, fruits, vegetables, and dessert
    • Sub Sandwiches with all the trimmings
    • Bar-B-Q chicken, beef and more with side dishes
    • Pasta Stations usually added to one of the other entree selections
    • Continental Breakfasts, a wake me up choice for early morning locations
    • Sodas, Water and Coffee are included at most locations
    • Espresso, Lattes, and Mochas can be added to almost any menu
    • Tex Mex experience where grads create south of the border specialties

These options are ideal for munching and playing at the same time. Custom menus can always be created to suit the needs of your individual group. Ask us which menus seniors rate as their number one choice on our Graduate Surveys.

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